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Carmina last comparison

We have had a lot of requests regarding an overview of our most popular Carmina Shoemaker lasts so we decided to take some pictures that might be helpful for you. You can of course also always e-mail us for advice on lasts and fittings. Generally we recommend sizing down one full size from US sizes but this may vary from different makers and lasts. 

A top side view of our most popular Carmina lasts. 

The Carmina Soller is a wide fitting last, it is ideal for country style shoes and casual boots. 

The Carmina Forest last is a rounded last with a generous toe box, it is medium in width. 

The Carmina Rain last is chiseled in shape and is a quite generous fitting last.

The Carmina Simpson last is sleek and chiseled. It fits quite snug. 

The Carmina Oscar last is a round, classic looking last. It is normal in width.