Gaziano & Girling Made To Order

We have decided to end our partnership with Gaziano & Girling. I started working with them many years ago, as an agent at first and then a retailer. So it has been a tough decision because of our long history together. But the reality is that our G&G sales has dropped at a steady rate these last couple of years. There are many reasons for this, one of them is that most of our brick & mortar clients use StC for MTOs these days because of the freedom of their MTO program and the short lead times. It has also become more and more difficult for us to drum up interest for GMTOs and our RTW sales has dropped significantly. G&G has a loyal core of die-hard followers, most of them active here on SF, but unfortunately it’s not enough to support our business. This is a business decision and I wish Tony & Dean all the best with their brand.

Kind regards, Patrik Löf - owner & founder

Gaziano & Girling is a relatively young company compared to the likes of Edward Green and Enzo Bonafé but the company has positioned themselves at the pinnacle of English shoe making in a very short time. Their MTO program is extensive and flexible. We have put together this page to try and summarize the different options of Gaziano & Girling Made To Order. 

Gaziano & Girling  MTO Service Standard offers the possibility to select last, sole, leather and lining for a wide range of models and designs. The surcharge is 2000 SEK ex VAT / 2500 SEK inc. VAT. 

Gaziano & Girling  MTO Service Advanced is a premium MTO service including all the options of the above program plus you can make minor design changes to the model you have chosen. The surcharge is 3200 SEK ex VAT / 4000 SEK inc. VAT

Gaziano & Girling Deco is a top level luxury range. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, the shoes display long, sweeping curves and tight corners, culminating in the ‘spade waist’, which hooks the broad front sole into a slim, beautifully rounded waist. The amount of handwork required means that these shoes are only available made-to-order. The price for Deco starts at 16000 SEK ex. VAT / 20000 SEK inc.VAT and this includes the MTO surcharge and Deco shoe trees. 

For all made-to-order shoes we request a 50% non-refundable deposit. The other 50% will be charged before delivery. Estimated delivery time for Gaziano & Girling MTO is about 4 months. 

Gaziano & Girling lasts
Gaziano & Girling has a very simple and straight forward way of looking at last designs, they have four basic lasts and a slip-on last, all fit very similarly. This makes fitting G&G very easy because you can almost always wear the same size in any last. All lasts are available in D, E, F, G fitting (E being width normal fitting). 

Gaziano & Girling Soles
When you order a pair of Gaziano & Girling MTO shoes, you can chose from different kinds of soles. The most classic and stylish option is in our opinion a single leather sole, the Oak Bark sole. We can also offer Wensum - a dressy rubber sole, or Dainite - heavier rubber sole in either single or double weight.

Gaziano & Girling Swatches

Below are a few examples of Gaziano & Girling leather swatches. There are also many exotic leathers like alligator, ostrich, bullfrog, kudu, mountain ram to chose from when you make a MTO. 



Q: What is the estimated delivery time for a pair of Gaziano & Girling MTO? 
A: About 4 months and 6 months for Deco.

Q: Can the MTO surcharge be avoided?
A: If the style is available in the Gaziano & Girling or Skoaktiebolaget online shop, we can order these as single pair stock pulls even if your size is unavailable. Delivery time will be about 12 weeks. 

Q: Are there any other ways to avoid the MTO surcharge? 
A: Yes, G&G will void the surcharge if five consecutive pairs are ordered for a style. This is what we generally call a GMTO (group made-to-order).

Please e-mail us for further consultation regarding the Gaziano & Girling made-to-order program.