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Carlos Santos Patina Service

Skoaktiebolaget presents the Carlos Santos Patina Service - a unique way of putting your own touch on a pair of shoes. Selecting from a range of different patinas on a style of your choice, the shoe itself will bear your stylistic signature. The delivery time for Carlos Santos Patina Service is 4-6 weeks and the surcharge is 400 SEK (320 SEK ex VAT for non-EU clients).  

How does the Carlos Santos Patina Service work?
Carlos Santos has a line of Goodyear welted shoes that have been produced in unfinished crust leather. When we get an order for a pair of patina shoes, we send the order to Carlos Santos who finishes the shoes in the specified color. 
Please note that every pair is hand dyed and variances in color will occur. Carlos Santos has a specific way of making the patina and we cannot ask for a custom hue or different grades of patina. 

Available patina colors