Enzo Bonafé MTO's in December 2017

A lot of great things keep on coming and this batch of Enzo Bonafé MTO's is no exception. 

Enzo Bonafé 1968 in Utah Gold Calf

Enzo Bonafé 1968 in Cordovan

Enzo Bonafé 3403 in Arlington Grain

Enzo Bonafé 3824 in Cordovan

Enzo Bonafé 3966 in Etrusco

Enzo Bonafé 3540 in Black Calf and Black Peccary

Enzo Bonafé Lazyman in Horween Col. 4 Football Print Cordovan

Enzo Bonafé 3725 Wholecut in Stingray

 Don't hesitate to contact us if your interested in placing a MTO!

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