Horween Cordovan Colors

Today we are having a look at some Horween Cordovan colors. There are a few makers of Shell Cordovan but none are as famous as Horween (Chicago). At Skoaktiebolaget we have always exclusively used Horween Cordovan.

I've had the pleasure to meet both Skip Horween and Nick Horween at different leather fairs and they are both very pleasant people to deal with. Cordovan is notoriously difficult to color and thus you will see tons of variations of the different color options. Don't be surprised of there are some variations even on the same pair of shoes. Clients need to understand that this is a very natural type of leather that has both some natural occurring scuffs and differences in hues.

Nick Horween: 
"Since the shell cordovan tanning process takes at least 6 months, there are many different steps that ultimately effect the final color (mostly the natural materials and extracts that we use, as they constantly vary themselves). We do our absolute best to match colors, and we even pick shells that have the proper character when we produce lighter colors."

Color 2 Cordovan. Also know as Garnet Cordovan. Also known as Ruby Cordovan. Shown here is the Löf & Tung Abreau in Garnet Cordovan. Picture inserted from URL, not Skoaktiebolaget property

Color 4 Cordovan. This is hard to produce, according to Nick Horween, and thus quite rare. Photo by @shellvedge on Instagram.

Color 6 Cordovan. We have never actually made a pair of shoes in this. Very rare. Picture inserted from URL, not Skoaktiebolaget property

Color 8 Cordovan. Also know as Burgundy Cordovan. Enzo Bonafé Penny Loafer. Usually in stock at Skoaktiebolaget. 

Natural Cordovan. Possibly what Carmina Shoemaker calls Saddle Cordovan. 

Amaretto Cordovan. Picture inserted from URL, not Skoaktiebolaget property

Armagnac Cordovan. Also know as Cognac Cordovan, before it was renamed by Horween.

Dark Cognac Cordovan. Quite possibly an accidental darker shade of Cognac Cordovan. Now it's supposedly just called Cognac Cordovan. Featured below is the Löf & Tung Scott in Dark Cognac. 

Mahogany Cordovan. Similar to Dark Cognac but with some red tones. Longwing by Enzo Bonafè. 

Cigar Cordovan. Exclusive to Alden. Picture inserted from URL, not Skoaktiebolaget property.

Black Cordovan. Classic derby from Carmina Shoemaker. 

Dark Green Cordovan. MTO from Skoaktiebolaget / Carmina. 

Navy Cordovan. Shown here on a Carmina MTO double monk from Skoaktiebolaget. 

Gunmetal Cordovan. Quite an obscure color that you seldom see. Picture by Rider Boot Co. 

Intense Blue Cordovan. Another rare color that you seldom see. Picture by Viberg Boots. 

Ravello Cordovan. Might be the most coveted of all colors. Extremely rare. And extremely beautiful. Picture not by Skoaktiebolaget, found on the Internet. 

Ultraviolet Cordovan. Rare for a good reason. Picture by AA Crack. 

 Added to these plain color options are also a few printed options. More on that another time! All pictures copyright Skoaktiebolaget unless otherwise stated.