Löf & Tung All Styles

Löf & Tung was created by Skoaktiebolaget founders Patrik Löf and Daniel Tung. The brand has a strong focus on classic lasts and styles.

"During the years as a leading premium men's footwear store, we have acquired a deep  understanding of what most of our clients are looking for; great fit, attention to detail and timeless design. We have incorporated all of this together with the best elements of all the makers we have worked with in the past into Löf & Tung." 

- Patrik Löf, co-founder  

Goodyear Welted Line

1211 Löf & Tung Dress Belt Belt 30 mm Accessories
13371 Stanley Full Brogue Oxford Oxford
14953 Albanel Whole Cut Chelsea Boot Boot
14954 Walker Whole Cut Oxford Oxford
14955 Collin Semi Brogue Oxford
14956 Aldrin Wingtip Oxford Oxford
14957 Bingham Punched Cap Toe Oxford Oxford
14958 Gilbert Cap Toe Oxford Oxford
14983 Gessi Plain Toe Blucher 5 eyelets Derby
14985 Chardin Jodhpur Boot Boot
14986 Oxenham Adelaide Oxford with medallion Oxford
14987 Harrison Double Monk Monk
14990 Bellot Austerity Brogue Oxford
14992 Irwin Longwing Derby
15093 Park Full Brogue (two-tone pattern) Oxford Oxford
15094 Barbaro Wholecut Loafer Loafer
15095 Ross Quarter Brogue Derby Derby
15289 Cabot Wingtip Derby Derby
15290 Powell Full Brogue (Falkirk-ish) Oxford
15291 Alvares Tassel Loafer (braided) Loafer
15292 Scott Punched Cap Toe Derby  Derby
15293 Rivera String Loafer Loafer
15294 Kingsley Field Boot Boot
15510 Cole Chukka Boot (two eyelets) Boot
15701 Lewis Plain Toe Blucher 4 eyelets Derby
15706 Abreau Full Strap Penny Loafer Loafer
15707 Bancroft Wingtip Balmoral Boot Boot
15709 Clark Jumper Boot Boot
15712 Flores Penny Loafer Loafer
15748 Ellsworth Balmoral Oxford Oxford
15790 Garcia Penny Loafer Loafer
15832 Stein Heavy Stitch Derby Boot Boots
15836 Oxenham II Adelaide Oxford - no medallion Oxford
15897 Champlain High Boot with zipper Boot
15899 Wilson Balmoral Boot Boot
15902 Marques Apron Loafer Loafer
15967 Allen Unlined Chukka Boot
15985 Mawson Faux Wingtip Oxford
15992 Ballard Lazyman's Oxford Oxford
16121 Antibes Unlined Penny Loafer Loafer
16124 Grant Pie Crust Derby Derby
16135 Champlain II (fur lined vamp) High Boot Boot
16176 Adams Wingtip Derby Boot Boot
16177 Alvares II Tassel Loafer (no braids) Loafer
16178 Tillman Quarter Brogue Oxford Oxford
16610 Francisco Split Toe Penny Loafer Loafer
16625 Marino Unlined String Loafer, sneaker sole Loafer
16626 Denham Split Toe Derby Derby
17172 Bree Belgian Style Loafer Loafer
17174 Drake Patent Oxford Plain Toe Oxford
17175 Brida Horse Bit Loafer (for last 25804 only) Loafer
17176 York Short Champlain Boot
17306 Fremont  Lazy Man's Oxford Loafer
17310 Whittaker U-wing Oxford Oxford
17337 Bridger Split Toe Boot Boot
17577 Xavier Vintage Penny Loafer Loafer