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Saint Crispins MTO's February 2018 February 06 2018

The latest batch (and first in 2018) of Saint Crispin's made to orders:

Saint Crispins 524 in JAN078

Saint Crispins 667 MOU076 Classic Last

Saint Crispin's 174 CRU609 Classic Last

Saint Crispin's 174 HUN999 Classic Last 

Saint Crispin's 520 MOU078 Riva Last

Enzo Bonafé MTO's January 31 2018

Here are some great examples of MTO's from Bolognas finest: Enzo Bonafé 

Enzo Bonafé 1968 in Cordovan Col.4 Football Print


Enzo Bonafé 3817 in Black Calf and Black Grain around the Balmoral


Enzo Bonafé 3966 in Grain calf and Plain Calf


Enzo Bonafé 3403 in Lama Bulgaro


Enzo Bonafé 3725 in Cordovan Col.4 Football Print


Enzo Bonafé 2553 in Hidro Tabacco


Enzo Bonafé 3824 m in Cordovan Col.4 Football Print

Saint Crispin's MTO's January 23 2018

Saint Crispins produces some of the best styles in the world. Here are a few interpretations of their DNA by Skoaktiebolaget customers: 

Saint Crispins 635 in VNA078

Saint Crispins 205 in CRU603 with punching in contrast color

Saint Crispins 116 Fur-Lined Chukka in Aniline Burgundy Calf

Saint Crispins 671 in Hunting Suede Color 076

Gaziano & Girling MTO's January 23 2018

Some stunning Gaziano & Girling MTO's:

Gaziano & Girling St James II in Rosewood Kude and Cherry

Gaziano & Girling St James II in Pearl Grey

Gaziano & Girling Deco Cooper in Stingray

Gaziano & Girling Thorpe in Racing Green Hatch Grain


Gaziano & Girling Wells in Black Pig Skin

Carlos Santos GMTO's and Patina Service January 09 2018

Heres a taste of what Carlos Santos can accomplish with their Patina Service and through the different GMTO's provided by Skoaktiebolaget!

Carlos Santos Chukka Boot in Grain Patina

Carlos Santos Fieldboot in Oak Grain

Carlos Santos Balmoral Boot in Patina

Carlos Santos Double Monk in Grain Patina

Carlos Santos Skin Stitch Derby Boot in Patina

A great start to 2018!

Paolo Scafora MTO's for December 2017 December 29 2017

Some absolutely stunning Paolo Scafora MTO's just arrived. Double monks, chukka boots, split toes and so on! 

Paolo Scafora 560 in Positano Calf

Paolo Scafora 04 in Vietri Calf

Paolo Scafora 04 in Positano Grain

Paolo Scafora 663 in Marrone Suede

Paolo Scafora 582 in Sorrento Calf

Paolo Scafora 583 in Vietri Calf

Paolo Scafora 440 Mod in Positano Calf

Have a great New Year's Eve! 

John Lobb Made to order shoes in December 2017 December 19 2017

These three beautiful John Lobb MTO shoes just arrived. Showcasing their variety in models and leathers John Lobb truly brings some stunning styles to the table.

John Lobb Chatham in Dark Oak Calf

John Lobb William II in Black Calf

John Lobb Philip II in Prune Suede

Enzo Bonafé MTO's in December 2017 December 13 2017

A lot of great things keep on coming and this batch of Enzo Bonafé MTO's is no exception. 

Enzo Bonafé 1968 in Utah Gold Calf

Enzo Bonafé 1968 in Cordovan

Enzo Bonafé 3403 in Arlington Grain

Enzo Bonafé 3824 in Cordovan

Enzo Bonafé 3966 in Etrusco

Enzo Bonafé 3540 in Black Calf and Black Peccary

Enzo Bonafé Lazyman in Horween Col. 4 Football Print Cordovan

Enzo Bonafé 3725 Wholecut in Stingray

 Don't hesitate to contact us if your interested in placing a MTO!

Saint Crispin's MTOs Summer 2016 August 22 2016

Every month we receive a bunch of great MTOs from our friends in Transylvania - here are a few we enjoyed especially. 

Saint Crispin's Forest Green Oxford

Saint Crispin's Balmoral Oxford

Saint Crispin's Penny Loafer

Saint Crispin's MTO

Saint Crispin's Sand Suede Oxfords

Enzo Bonafé MTOs and GMTOs Summer 2016 August 22 2016

Here are a few recent pictures of Enzo Bonafé made-to-order shoes. Enjoy! 

Enzo Bonafé Button Boots

Enzo Bonafé Boots and Shoes

Enzo Bonafé Boots

Enzo Bonafé Cordovan Chukkas