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Made To Order

We offer made to order (MTO) shoes for all our shoe brands. A made to order shoe is a shoe made especially for you, following your specifications. This can include a special material, a special design or last. The MTO process is different for all our brands, so please e-mail your questions about MTO to and we'll get back to you shortly. 

Follow this link for all our current GMTOs and pre-order runs. 

Read more about each makers MTO program:

  • Enzo Bonafé 4-6 months, surcharge for MTO is +20% of base model. 4 pair GMTO minimum. 
  • John Lobb  3-4 months, MTO surcharge is 1500 SEK. No surcharge for Core Collection. 4 pair GMTO minimum. 
  • Saint Crispin's 10 weeks, no surcharge for MTOs.
  • Paolo Scafora 3-4 months, surcharge is 15% of base style. 5 participants required in a GMTO in order to avoid MTO fee. 
  • Carlos Santos This maker offers a Patina Service instead of a traditional MTO program. 8 pair GMTO minimum. 
  • Carmina Shoemaker 5 months, extra surcharge for MTO is +50% of base model. 

GMTO (Group MTO)
If you have a group of friends or colleagues who would like to create a certain model, we are happy to oblige. This way, we won't have to charge you the MTO surcharge. This service is available for all our brands. Please note that all pairs ordered in a GMTO must be consecutive. 

A made to order shoe is made especially for you. We cannot accept returns or refunds on any made to order shoe or other made to order item. For all made-to-order shoes we request a 50% non-refundable deposit. Note that any stated delivery times are estimates - we will not refund your deposit because of delays. We will only refund a deposit in case of the manufacturer being unable to fulfill your order. 

A few examples of made to order shoes and boots. More MTO inspiration can be found by following our Skoaktiebolaget Instagram account.