Löf & Tung Made To Order

Our Löf & Tung Made To Order program incurs a surcharge of €120 including VAT (about $110 ex VAT) on top of the base price.

GMTO (Group Made To Order): a six pair minimum is required. For belts, the minimum is three pairs. 

Derby and Oxford styles on the S, T, H, L lasts can be transferred to all of these lasts for MTOs. 

Follow this link to browse all available styles for Löf & Tung. 

Loafers and monks are made for a specific last, lasts cannot be changed on MTOs.   

Shoes & Boots Base Price SEK inc VAT  € inc VAT  USD ex VAT**  
Shoe 3 600 kr         350 €  $               355
Short boot (Chelsea, Chukka) 4 000 kr         380 €  $               395
Boot 4 200 kr         395 €  $               415
Loafer 3 400 kr         330 €  $               345


Surcharges SEK inc VAT  € inc VAT  USD ex VAT**  
Made-to-order (approx. 4 months) 1 200 kr         120 €  $               120
Classic heel (straight profile) Free of charge    
Havanna heel (slight tilt) Free of charge    
Monroe heel (bevelled) 100 kr           10 €  $                 10
Belt 1 200 kr         120 €  $               120
Shearling lining (black or natural) 300 kr           30 €  $                 30
Genuine Dainite or Vibram sole Free of charge    
Rubber dress sole Free of charge    
Single leather sole Free of charge    
Double leather sole Free of charge    
Resoling**** 1 200 kr         120 €  $               120
Standard fudging Free of charge    
Heavy fudging Free of charge    
No fudging Free of charge    
Skoaktiebolaget Shoe Trees 900 kr           90 €  $                 90


Material surcharges SEK inc VAT  € inc VAT  USD ex VAT**  
Python shoe ***  2 200 kr         220 €  $               210
Python boot*** 3 000 kr         300 €  $               295
Deer 500 kr           50 €  $                 49
Alligator (Caiman) shoe ***  on request
Alligator (Caiman) boot ***  on request
Horween Cordovan Shoe 3 200 kr         320 €  $               315
Horween Cordovan Boot 4 200 kr         420 €  $               415
Bison 3 000 kr         300 €  $               295

Prices may be subject to change without notice.

** Only for orders outside the EU. Customs/local tax is buyer's responsibility.
*** Exotics are only available as short boots (Chelsea, Jodhpur) and
non wholecut designs.
**** Shipping to and from factory at customer's expense.

All USD rates are estimated currency exchange rates. Prices ex VAT are only available for clients outside the EU.

Outside of our standard leather selection we e also have limited volumes of special leathers like Horween Cordovan, Cayman Alligator, Lizard, Python, Haas Utah, Tärnsjö, Ostrich Leg, Ostrich, Bison to mention a few. Email us for more details on swatches and colors. 


Python, Lizard and Alligator comes in a huge number of colors, only the most common are listed here. 

Calf Suede Special Leathers
Black Calf Navy Suede Cognac Python *
Aubergine Calf Hunting Green Suede Mahogany Python *
Burgundy Calf Loden Suede Black Python *
Espresso Calf Granite Suede Cognac Caiman Alligator *
Chestnut Calf Fawn Suede Mahogany Caiman Alligator *
Oak Calf Polo Suede Black Caiman Alligator *
Cognac Calf Brown Suede Jeans Textile 
Black Country Calf Black Suede Tobacco Textile
Mahogany  Country Calf Cream Textile
Cognac Country Calf Red Deer Cognac
Crust Country Calf Red Deer Medium Brown
Red Deer Dark Brown

* Python, Lizard and Alligator comes in a huge number of colors, only the most common are listed here. 



Fudging (sole edges)

No fudging - looks best with storm welt option.

"Royal" fudging - heavy fudging.

Standard fudging.


Heel types

The "Havana" heel has a slight tilt to it, looks great on most of our styles that are leaning more towards the formal and semi-formal.

The "Monroe" heel is a slightly beveled heel that looks great when you are going for a sleek, contemporary look.

This is the "Standard" heel, not meaning it's the heel chosen by default but rather a classic straight heel.


Leather Sole (single and double has same finish). Also available in black. 

Half Rubber Sole. Available in tanned and black finish. 

Dainite rubber sole

Vibram Gumlite rubber sole

List of styles as per January 7, 2021

Style Number                        Style Name                        
1211 Löf & Tung Dress Belt Belt 30 mm Accessories
13371 Stanley Full Brogue Oxford Oxford
14953 Albanel Whole Cut Chelsea Boot Boot
14954 Walker Whole Cut Oxford Oxford
14955 Collin Semi Brogue Oxford
14956 Aldrin Wingtip Oxford Oxford
14957 Bingham Punched Cap Toe Oxford Oxford
14958 Gilbert Cap Toe Oxford Oxford
14983 Gessi Plain Toe Blucher 5 eyelets Derby
14985 Chardin Jodhpur Boot Boot
14986 Oxenham Adelaide Oxford with medallion Oxford
14987 Harrison Double Monk Monk
14990 Bellot Austerity Brogue Oxford
14992 Irwin Longwing Derby
15093 Park Full Brogue (two-tone pattern) Oxford Oxford
15094 Barbaro Wholecut Loafer Loafer
15095 Ross Quarter Brogue Derby Derby
15289 Cabot Wingtip Derby Derby
15290 Powell Full Brogue Oxford
15291 Alvares Tassel Loafer (braided) Loafer
15292 Scott Punched Cap Toe Derby  Derby
15293 Rivera String Loafer Loafer
15294 Kingsley Field Boot Boot
15510 Cole Chukka Boot (two eyelets) Boot
15701 Lewis Plain Toe Blucher 4 eyelets Derby
15706 Abreau Full Strap Penny Loafer Loafer
15707 Bancroft Wingtip Balmoral Boot Boot
15709 Clark Jumper Boot Boot
15712 Flores Penny Loafer Loafer
15748 Ellsworth Balmoral Oxford Oxford
15790 Garcia Penny Loafer Loafer
15832 Stein Heavy Stitch Derby Boot Boots
15836 Oxenham II Adelaide Oxford without medallion Oxford
15897 Champlain High Boot with zipper Boot
15899 Wilson Balmoral Boot Boot
15902 Marques Apron Loafer Loafer
15967 Allen Unlined Chukka Boot
15985 Mawson Faux Wingtip Oxford
15992 Ballard Lazyman's Oxford Oxford
16121 Antibes Unlined Penny Loafer Loafer
16124 Grant Pie Crust Derby Derby
16135 Champlain II (fur lined vamp) High Boot with zipper (fur lined vamp) Boot
16176 Adams Wingtip Derby Boot Boot
16177 Alvares II Tassel Loafer (no braids) Loafer
16178 Tillman Quarter Brogue Oxford Oxford
16625 Marino Unlined String Loafer, sneaker sole Loafer
16626 Denham Split Toe Derby Derby
17172 Bree Belgian Style Loafer Loafer
17174 Drake Patent Oxford Plain Toe Oxford
17175 Brida Horse Bit Loafer Loafer
17176 York Short Champlain Boot
17306 Fremont  Lazy Man's Oxford Loafer
17310 Whittaker U-wing Oxford Oxford
17337 Bridger Split Toe Boot Boot