Enzo Bonafè Made To Order

Enzo Bonafè of Bologna, Italy runs a small scale, family operated workshop. Skoaktiebolaget is the most experienced retailer in the world when it comes to Enzo Bonafè MTOs, with well over 750 pairs of custom orders being delivered since 2013.

The Made To Order surcharge is only 20%  and this is why Bonafè has become one of our most popular makers of single pair custom orders. 

Bonafè carries thousands of styles, dozens of lasts and the possibilities are almost endless. Please email us and we will WeTransfer a collection of all the MTOs we have done before and swatches of the standard materials. We also stock a limited selection of Horween Cordovan exclusively reserved for MTOs. 

Group Made-To-Order
The minimum for a GMTO is four consecutive pairs. If the GMTO reaches 4 participants we can offer customers to add different widths if the last in question does allow for different widths. We can also make minor adjustments within a GMTO, such as adding topy soles or lasting "laces open" etc.

Lasts and Widths
Please check out this page for more in-depth information about Enzo Bonafé lasts and Widths.

    For all Made To Order shoes we request a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% will be invoiced before delivery. Estimated delivery time for Bonafé MTO is about 4 months.  

    Shoes & Chukka Boots Price €  ex VAT*
    Blake / Blake Rapid / Bologna / Moccasin 550 440
    Hand Welted Goodyear 660 528
    Hand Welted Linear Norvegese Construction 675 540
    Hand Welted Chained Norvegese Construction 715 572

    Boots Price €  ex VAT*
    Blake / Blake Rapid / Bologna / Moccasin 600 480
    Hand Welted Goodyear 710 568
    Hand Welted Linear Norvegese Construction 725 580
    Hand Welted Chained Norvegese Construction 765 612

    Button Boots Price €  ex VAT*
    Blake / Blake Rapid 740 592
    Hand Welted Goodyear 840 672


    Surcharges Price €  ex VAT*
    Made To Order (base style + surcharges x 1.2) 20% 20%
    GMTO - minimum four pairs needed N/A N/A
    Fur insole 25 20
    Complete fur lining 75 60
    Single or double leather sole free of charge free of charge
    Rubber soles (Vibram, Dainite, Goma Para, Goma Golf, Commando, etc) 25 20
    Genuine Dainite rubber sole 25 20
    Metal toe tips 75 60
    Skin stitched apron (Skoaktiebolaget exclusive) 50 40
    Custom last creation 400 320
    Design of new style 400 320
    Skoaktiebolaget shoe trees 109 87
    Enzo Bonafé shoe trees 149 119
    Wider last modification 25 20
    Higher instep modification  25 20
    Resoling (shipping at customer's expense) 200 160


    Material surcharges Price €  ex VAT*
    Cordovan shoes 475 380
    Cordovan Chukkas 500 400
    Cordovan boots 685 548
    Peccary 100 80
    Baby Alligator 2125 1700
    Croco Flanks 450 360
    Tejus 250 200
    Lizard 350 280
    Shark 300 240
    Stingray 500 400
    Ostrich 275 220


    Heavy design modifications and pattern changes will incur a 30% surcharge.

    * Only for clients shipping outside the EU - local taxes and customs are client's responsibility.

    MTO swatches, for a full range of swatches, please email us.