Saint Crispin's Made To Order

Saint Crispin’s from Transylvania is a small workshop that produces mostly single, client specified orders. All shoes are hand welted, hand lasted and individually stained. Saint Crispin's offers Made To Order without a surcharge. The estimated delivery time is about 10-12 weeks. 

Please email for consultation about our Saint Crispin’s Made To Order program. Some basic info can be found below. 

The base price for a Saint Crispin's MTO is €1445 including VAT. The price for non-EU clients is €1156 (about $1305). Please note that non-EU clients are responsible for paying any local customs and taxes. 

 Shoes & Boots base price (including VAT)

Shoes €1445
Short boots (Chukkas, Chelseas) 1525
Boots 1545

Surcharges (including VAT)

Storm welt €25
Norvegese welted €75
Sole monogram - 2 digits with brass pegs €50
Sole monogram - 4 digits with brass pegs €95
Sole monogram - special characters €120
Upper monogram €100
Metal toe tips €45
Brass pegged sole tip / soft rubber heel top lift €35
Orthopedic heel cushion €75
Cuban heel - 4 mm extra heel €75
Express delivery - within 4 weeks  €500


Modification surcharges (including VAT)

Personal customer last  €475
Customizing for PRET shoes - fitting up standard lasts according to customers specification at: instep, toes and bal, alterations of buttons and patterns (for two fitting pieces on each shoe, minimum charge)  €150
Customizing for PRET shoes - every additional fitting piece €50
Custom pattern €250
Bespoke - 1 pair of bespoke shoes, first pair including last and trial shoe €4750
Trial shoes - one pair of trial shoes based on not more than two adjustments per pair €250