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Saint Crispin's Made To Order

Saint Crispin’s from Transylvania is a small workshop that produces mostly single, client specified orders. All shoes are hand welted, hand lasted and individually stained. Saint Crispin's offers Made To Order without a surcharge. The estimated delivery time is about 10-12 weeks. 

Please email sales@skoaktiebolaget.com for consultation about our Saint Crispin’s Made To Order program. Some basic info can be found below. 

The base price for a Saint Crispin's MTO is 14600 SEK including VAT (about €1460). The price for non-EU clients is 11700 SEK ex VAT (about $1315). Please note that non-EU clients are responsible for paying any local customs and taxes. 

 Shoes & Boots base price (including VAT)

Shoes  14 600 kr
Short boots (Chukkas, Chelseas)  15 200 kr
Boots  15 600 kr

Surcharges (including VAT)

Storm welt       250 kr
Norvegese welted       750 kr
Sole monogram - 2 digits with brass pegs       600 kr
Sole monogram - 4 digits with brass pegs    1 000 kr
Sole monogram - special characters    1 200 kr
Upper monogram    1 000 kr
Metal toe tips       500 kr
Brass pegged sole tip / soft rubber heel top lift       400 kr
Orthopedic heel cushion       800 kr
Cuban heel - 4 mm extra heel       800 kr
Express delivery - within 4 weeks     2 300 kr


Modification surcharges (including VAT)

Personal customer last     3 200 kr
Customizing for PRET shoes - fitting up standard lasts according to customers specification at: instep, toes and bal, alterations of buttons and patterns (for two fitting pieces on each shoe, minimum charge)     1 000 kr
Customizing for PRET shoes - every additional fitting piece       500 kr
Custom pattern    2 500 kr
Bespoke - 1 pair of bespoke shoes, first pair including last and trial shoe  40 000 kr
Trial shoes - one pair of trial shoes based on not more than two adjustments per pair    1 900 kr