Our story

Skoaktiebolaget was founded as a brick & mortar store 2012, followed in 2013 by our online store. In February 2022 we decided to focus on artisanal makers and made-to-order products and accessories. At this time we converted our store to be online only due to the fact that we mainly cater to an International clientele. This has allowed us to focus more on providing second to none customer service for clients with very high demands.

To be able to provide the finest quality men’s shoes is a privilege. To get to know different people with different backgrounds who all share a common interest is equally wonderful. The artisans we work with are hand-picked because they are exactly who they are - real people doing honest work, teaching, inspiring and providing the best possible shoes they can. They all come together in a magnificent mix under our roof. That is not only an honor but also a responsibility we nurture and continue to develop.  

We represent three countries in shoemaking - from the passion and tradition of Italy to the genuine craftsmanship of Austria-Romania. Löf & Tung is Goodyear Welted in Almansa, Spain in a family owned factory that boasts over 110 years of history. 

It’s by the way our customers feel that they are being serviced that we measure our accomplishments. We can always be better, learn and do more and that’s what we strive for each and every day.  Hopefully you’ll follow us on this journey - we’d love to have you aboard.

Our partners

Our artisans are hand-picked from the best shoe and boot makers in Europe.

All three are leading makers of quality shoes, made and crafted using traditional methods. Our shoe selection is flanked by carefully selected and curated shoe care and accessories.

Carlos Santos factory

Carlos Santos factory

Carlos Santos factory