Russian Calf Shoe Care Recommendation

RUS075 or Russian Calf as it is also known is a hatch grain calf provided by Saint Crispin's. Its special character and grain is ideal for a casual look. Over time Russian Calf will develop a beautiful and characteristic patina unique for each pair and user. To maintain it see these instructions. 

  • Russian Calf has a higher percentage of fat worked into it when tanned which runs deep into the leather. However, the surface might lose some of its fat when used and exposed to daily wear making it look less vibrant. This is normal. When caring for Russian Calf, no extra oil or dubbin is needed. Mainly wax based products are sufficient to keep the upper in shape.
  • Use your shoe care horse hair brush more frequently than for your regular calf leather shoes for blemishes or scuffs. 
  • Also remember to brush in different directions because of the irregularity of the grain to make sure you have removed any dirt or dust. This also releases fat from the inside of the leather causing it to nourish your shoes.
  • Very small amounts of shoe pomade is a good recommendation but the main product to use is shoe wax. Gently work it in to the upper of the shoes, preferably in a medium brown color. Other colors may be used to add some personal character.

Below is an example of a beaten up pair before and after applying shoe wax:



If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that Russian Calf should not be mistaken for Russian Reindeer. Russian Calf is a printed bovine leather. Russian Reindeer is a much coveted and extremely rare leather salvaged from a shipwreck off the coast of England.