The latest Enzo Bonafé MTO's

We recieved a batch of spectacular Enzo Bonafé made to orders: 

Enzo Bonafé 645 in Blue Peccary

Enzo Bonafé 3725 in Vitello Bolet

Enzo Bonafé 2475 in Inca Grain Leather

Enzo Bonafé 3930 in Vitello Etrusco

Enzo Bonafé 2690 Mod in Black Calf and Grey Suede

Enzo Bonafé 2690 in Blue Calf and Blue Peccary

Enzo Bonafé 3824 in Vitello Meleze

Enzo Bonafé 3921 in Hidro Canapa

Enzo Bonafé 3976 Two Tone in Vitello Bolet and Hidro Volpe

Enzo Bonafé 3579 Bracken Museum

Enzo Bonafé 4000 in Oak Small Latigo Calf

Enzo Bonafé 3921 in Hidro Lavanda

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